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The Saga of the Iron: Made in USA


Our iron bit the dust recently and we really wanted to find a new one that was American-made. We’ve decided that, when something reaches the end of its useful life, we’ll make a solid effort to find a Made-in-USA replacement.

We checked out our local Sears, which had many brands in stock, but not one made in the USA. An online search brought up some blog posts that recommended Oreck brand irons. Unfortunately, the Oreck website currently lists their one iron as no longer available.

Just for fun, we searched ebay and what did we find but a Made-in-USA General Electric steam iron, still new in the box, that dates to sometime in the mid-1970’s.
Is it safe to use a 40 year old appliance? Who knows? It just came in the mail so I guess we’re going to find out! Fingers crossed.

Update, April 5, 2016: More than two years later, it still works like a charm!