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Flannel-Lined Trucker Jacket: Made in USA

What could be better on a Fall day than a flannel shirt or a good-looking lightweight jacket? How about combining them both? That’s what Flint and Tinder has done with their Flannel Lined Trucker Jacket.

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Martexin 7-ounce sailcloth from New Jersey is waxed on both sides for water resistance.It’s fully lined with 100% cotton flannel in a herringbone pattern.It makes for a really stylish jacket that is fully functional with two hand-warmer pockets and a button-down chest pocketThe jacket is made in Los Angeles.



New Men’s Product Line Inspired by G.I. Joe

gijoe0The folks at Huckberry have just introduced a collection of gear inspired by G.I. Joe – and it includes some very cool American-made items.gijoe12

The G.I. Joe Quarter Century Jacket was designed by RPM. It gets its lines from a vintage deck jacket and gets its lining design from G.I. Joe comic elements. Its quality is guaranteed for a full 25 years – hence the “quarter Century” name. The jacket is made from US-made 12oz duck canvas, which is more tightly woven and stronger than other canvas fabrics..gijoe7Years ago, every young boy’s favorite underwear had G.I. Joe on them. Now, underwear-maker extraordinaire Flint and Tinder has brought back an adult-size replica brief.gijoe13…and a boxer if that’s your preference.gijoe3

This limited-edition G.I. Joe duffel bag is made in the USA by Hudson Sutler, a company known for its heavy duty construction.

So is the G.I. Joe Dopp Kitt.

gijoe10This G.I. Joe Logo Tee comes from a Philadelphia-based brand  called The Decades. gijoeThe Slub Pocket Tee comes was made by a Flint and Tinder.

gijoe9The Cobra Commander Jacket was also made by The Decades.

gijoe11 gijoe8 gijoe4

Various other tees and caps round out the American-made portion of the collection.

Unfortunately, Huckberry fumbled the ball with the G.I. Joe boots. In my opinion, seeing an imported boot from Eastland, a company that also makes similar boots in Maine, was a disappointment

The Tale of the Tarpon and the Travel Blazer: Made in USA

MadeinUSA_blazerHere at the Americanologists’ blog, we are constantly searching for interesting American-made products to share with our readers. Last night, I came across a men’s blazer with a back-story too good not to re-tell.

It’s called the Orvis Hopsack Travel Blazer and its claim to fame is that you can look as fresh as a daisy when wearing it, even after a long day of travel and activity.

The jacket earned its place in company history years ago, when the Chairman of Orvis, Leigh Perkins (above, with fish) caught a ride to the Key West airport with a fishing guide named Rick Ruoff.  As they neared the airport, the guide’s sixth sense kicked in and he pointed to a canal, saying, “I bet there’s a tarpon in there.” Luckily, they were early for the flight, so they pulled over, started casting and landed a small tarpon. The chairman released the fish, continued on to the airport, still wearing the blazer, flew to his destination and headed off to a meeting where nobody was the wiser that he’s been salt water casting in it!


The secret to the jacket is the hopsack fabric. “Hopsack” is an old word that comes from the loose-woven fabric used to carry beer hops, but don’t worry,  you won’t look like a grain sack in this jacket. The combination of polyester/wool defies wrinkling, resists stains, and packs well for worry-free travel.

There are three exterior and four interior pockets. The inside pockets are a button-tab pocket, a zippered security pocket, and two utility pockets to keep your passport, plane tickets, and documents.

One of the product ratings on the jacket, from a user named “Old Engineer,” was pretty convincing:

“I believe that I’ve owned my Orvis Blazer for well over 25 years. It still looks as sharp as it did when it was new. I wear it for many occasions and find that it is my “go to” sport coat. It’s both casual and dressy. It’s been at both ends of the northern hemisphere and everywhere in between. When I get off the plane, I’m ready for business or just wandering around. The pockets and other features set it above most other jackets. It has exceeded my expectations. I only wish it would be offered in black as well as the classic “navy blue”. I’d jump for another one, even though there’s plenty of life left in my blue one.”



An Americanologist’s Dilemma: Made in USA?

imageI came across a really interesting product today on Kickstarter. It’s called the RuckJack and it’s a rucksack that converts into a jacket and vice-versa. Clever, useful, multi-purpose: all qualities we look for. So, as I often do, I contacted the company to ask where it will be manufactured. (Kickstarter, I love you, but could you please require disclosure of this info as part of the launch?  My fingers are cramping.)imageThe response I got was that the country of manufacture will depend on the funds raised. The makers want to manufacture in the USA, but, if their Kickstarter campaign isn’t a blockbuster and they end up working on a shoestring, manufacturing will take place in China.imageSo what’s a Made-in-America proponent to do? Support the Kickstarter in hopes it will lead to more work for Americans? Or pass it up because the commitment to manufacture in the USA isn’t strong enough upfront?  I haven’t decided yet. What do you think?

25+ Denim Jackets for Men and Women: Made in USA

(Updated March 3, 2017)

I was surprised recently when someone told me my classic denim jacket was out of fashion.  I would argue that the denim jacket never really goes out of style because it’s the eternal emblem of American youth and spirit. When I look at the Made-in-the-USA jackets shown here – the men’s styles, at least – I think of Steve McQueen, James Dean, Paul Newman and any number of other icons, riding their motorcycles, cruising in convertibles  and savoring life.WomensDenimNordstrom usually has multiple denim jackets, with brands changing from season to season, both for women (above)…Jacketand men.frame-denimFrame Denim is a new name on our list.SaturdayNYCSo is Saturdays NYC, which has different denim jackets each season.RRLJacketRalph Lauren periodically offers its Made-in-USA RRL Jackets.DenimJacketUnion-made denim jacket from All American Clothing  Company and Union Label.
fidelitydenimFidelity Denim makes multiple denim jackets, mostly for women. (The new Spring 2017 collection does not show country of origin, but we’re waiting for a call to confirm that the products are still Made in USA.)AmerApparelAmerican Apparel carries several denim jackets, but we couldn’t get them to come up on one page. Just go to the site and type-in “denim jacket.”Barneysdenim_jacketYou’ll find high fashion and high prices at Barney’s NY

581-model-indigo-2Multiple types of American-made denim jackets for men and women are available at Schaefer’s.

3X1 has multiple denim jacket designs.supplyjackets1Need Supply offers a Stealth denim jacket (left) and the indigo Supply Jacket.

UntitledWe have written about Prison Blues in the past and still feel that it is a great project, getting people serving time to learn a trade and make something that they and you can be proud of.1745 This denim jacket from L.C. King, a 100 year old company in Bristol TN, is a basic but great looking denim work jacket.barncoatgreyL.C. King also makes a good-looking denim barn-style jacket.

ironside_flat2_bb0aeb05-11d6-464d-8ae2-367ae865c658Brave Star Selvage out of LA offers the Ironside in 16.5 oz denim.RPMWest has raw denim and stone-washed denim jackets.