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Slip-on a Silicone Ring and Save Your Fingers: Made in USA

I’ve always enjoyed wearing my wedding ring and, when I was young, a silver puzzle ring. The down side? There have been a couple of occasions where bicycle crashes and other accidents have left me with a swollen finger and I had to have the rings cut off.  So, the thought of a silicone ring with a bit of built-in flexibility is really appealing to me.Enso Rings manufactures a range of rings made from a hypo-allergenic silicone compound. The rings are also engineered with what they’re calling “Anti-Ring Avulsion Technology,” meaning that the ring breaks away and protects your finger. These rings also feature air flow channels that helps keep you finger dry.Enzo makes a complete line of rings for both men and women.

Here’s one of my favorites.



An American Jewelry Sale for Independence Day

If you like to dazzle in diamonds or shine in pearls, you probably already know that these items are not mined or harvested in the USA.  The same is true of many gems. However, the stone is just the beginning of a piece of jewelry, and you CAN buy dazzling items that are handcrafted by jewelers in the USA.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!

Allurez, a jewelry-maker that manufactures in New York, is having a Fourth of July sale on American-made items. Check out some of the beautiful pieces you can buy for a loved one or -why not – yourself! The sale runs through July 5.

Regards, Kathy



100+ Dazzling Bracelets: Made in USA

Why spend your money on foreign-made baubles when you can buy beautiful jewelry made right here in the USA?  We found over 100 examples with a quick search on Nordstrom alone. Some of the more luxurious examples:


Armenta Hinge Diamond Bangle

Armenta Old World Skinny Crivelli Diamond Bangle



Zoë Chicco Diamond Bar Bracelet


‘Hearts of LAGOS’ Charm Bracelet


Nektar de Stagni ‘New Classics’ Spike Cultured Pearl Triple Row Cuff


Betony Vernon Jewelry ‘Chic’ Cuff


Simon Sebbag Twist Edged Bangle


Armenta Old World Multistrand Diamond Bracelet


Oscar de la Renta Crystal Flower Bracelet


Armenta Old World Diamond Cuff

A Visit to The Crafty Yankee in Lexington, MA

Today, we’re checking out the wares at The Crafty Yankee in Lexington, MA to see what American-Made products they offer in their online shop.BaconMugWe thought this bacon-cooking mug was a stroke of genius, allowing you to strain off some of the fat during cooking.EdLevinJewelry1EdLevinJewelry2Next, we have a delectable selection of jewelry from Ed Levin, a company that’s been crafting pretty baubles in the USA for 60 years.JewelryBoxUSAWoodBoxUSAImpressive jewelry boxes and other wood creations by Mike Fisher.CuttingboardsUSACrafty Yankee’s own brand of cutting boards with magnetically-attached knives.WallclockUSAFun wall clocks by Modern Moose.

The Crafty Yankee offers addition products, but check the descriptions. Not all are Made in the USA.

Regards, Kathy


What We Saw at the 2016 American Field Show (Part Two)

Today, we continue our coverage of the American Field Pop-up Market in Boston, which we attended over the weekend.img_0654Angie Hill Yu of Jade Deco Jewelry had some knockout pieces for sale.img_0635Katherine Zeren displayed a very nice collection of neckties, bow ties and pocket squares.img_0370The New Balance booth featured the company’s Made-in-USA line. That’s Don Pineda on the left and Kali Miranda on the rightimg_0689 Robin Cohen of Doves and Figs makes delicious preserves from local fruit. We had her yummy cranberry mustard before; this time we picked up preserves made from blackberries and Earl Grey Tea!img_0662Jarrett Blackmon was representing Damn Handsome Grooming Company, a business he started with his wife Bridget.img_0648Rachel Onman of Doomed NYC (motto: “Life will be the death of me”), makes wonderful dopp kit-type bags that unfurl into beautiful tool rolls and can be strapped to a motorcycle or bike.img_0588Marie Thompson (right) revealed that Boston Bag Co will be releasing a whole new line of bags. If they are as attractive as their current line, we’re in for a treat.

img_0598The most charming sales rep at the show was baby Massimo Bari, whose parents, Fabio and Marina Bari and grandfather Carmelo Bari own Bridge & Boro, specializing in jeans and shirts. I was particularly impressed by the blouse hoodie for women that Marina was wearing.img_0633Laura Kloosterman and LK Weiss of Bowline Company showed us their neckties and bowties for men and women.

img_0508Jason Aleksa of Stonehill Design creates lighting fixtures by repurposing items from earlier times. We saw vintage phones, fans, cameras and more turned into lamps that are real conversation starters. img_0540Terry White and Mike Petrakis manned the Wolaco booth, which featured innovative workout wear for men.img_0549I fell in love with  Thorn & Bloom‘s natural fragrances, created by perfumer Jennifer Botto.img_0443R. Murphy Knives had a brand new cutting board where the knife slides into a groove and is held there by either magnets or magic – we’re not sure. Their hunting knives are shown at left.