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Weatherproof Suede Bags from Filson: Made in USA

Seattle-based Filson is one of those 100+-year-old companies you can always count on to bring something new and interesting to market, some of it still made in the USA.11070434saddlebrwn-alt3_2The company  recently introduced a line of bags made with what they’re calling Rough-Out Boot-Leather Weatherproof Suede.  “Rough-out” leather is simply leather with a “rough” surface – the suede – facing out. In some products, rough out leather can be thin and delicate, but the Filson bags are described as, “Full-grain, rough-out boot-leather…weatherproofed during the tanning process so that it can withstand punishing conditions for generations.”

It warms my heart to think there are still companies out there making products that you can expect to give to your kids one day.
11070434saddlebrwn-main_1_3Because the leather is presented rough side out, the bags have great texture. The leathers come from two of the most respected tanneries in the US: Horween (rough-out boot leather) and Wicket and Craig (bridle leather trim). 11070435saddlebrwn-main_1_1The line of products includes a backpack big enough to carry a lap top or enough clothes for an overnighter.11070445saddlebrwn-mainAlso, available are this snap wallet, the tote bag pictured above and the medium pouch shown below.11070444saddlebrown-mainEvery piece comes tanned in a “natural” saddle color but, like all leather goods, just have a little patience while they break-in and you’ll  get that unique patina from everyday use.



Texas Rover Company: Made in USA

The Texas Rover Company only offers a few products… two to be exact, but they are both really spectacular: the Humphrey Chair and the Balmorhea Bag.

The Texas Rover Company was founded in 2011 by John Humphrey. The idea behind the company is to create quality heirloom products for the explorer/traveler.1449269932254Now if I were going to head out on a safari I would love to have the Humphrey Chair. Actually, I wish I had this for all those softball and soccer games I spent sitting on those cold steel bleachers watching my daughter. The chair is made in Texas from pecan wood, full grain leather, brass and carbon steel hardware.

TRC-010716-1When I saw this photo I couldn’t help but think of my own man cave, which isn’t quite as rustic, but gives me the same feeling of guy-centric space!Joshua Anderson for the Texas Rover CompanyI think the Balmorhea bag is just beautiful. I’d love to have my denim and boots packed away in this rich looking duffel for a long weekend getaway to Boston or the Cape.Joshua Anderson for the Texas Rover CompanyMade from full grain leather and a canvas lining, the bag also features a storage pocket and a patriotic red, white and blue  zipper.

The company also offers a few apothecary items from Manready Mercantile.  The soy-based candles burn clean and, with scents like bergamot-teak or cedar-sage, you can find one that speaks to you.



J.W. Hulme Leather Goods: On Sale!

J.W. Hulme is one of the most revered makers of leather bags in the USA. They have created a beautiful collection exclusively for Allen Edmonds – and it’s all on sale for a limited time. Dive in!jw-hulme_bags-briefcases_travel-kit_american-bison-leatherTravel Kit by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmonds
jw-hulme_bags-briefcases_document-briefcase_american-bison-leatherDocument Briefcase by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmondsjw-hulme_bags-briefcases_continental-backpack_american-bison-leatherContinental Backpack by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmondsjw-hulme_bags-briefcases_briefcase-bag_american-bison-leather
Brief Bag by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmonds

jw-hulme_bags-briefcases_wine-tote_american-bison-leather_brownWine Tote by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmonds
jw-hulme_bags-briefcases_medium-duffle-bag_american-bison-leatherMedium Classic Duffle by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmonds
jw-hulme_bags-briefcases_valet-tray_american-bison-leatherValet Desk Tray by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmonds
jw-hulme_bags-briefcases_rolling-carry-on_american-bison-leatherRolling Pullman Carry on by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmonds
jw-hulme_bags-briefcases_small-duffle-bag_american-bison-leatherSmall Classic Duffle by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmonds
jw-hulme_bags-briefcases_weekend-satchel_american-bison-leatherWeekend Satchel Carry On Bag by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmondsjw-hulme_bags-briefcases_portfolio-briefcase_american-bison-leatherSlim Portfolio Briefcase by JW Hulme Exclusive for Allen Edmonds