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Fieldstone Artistry: Contemporary Lighting and Furniture Made in America

I have a special place in my heart for furniture and lighting that combines modern design with the warmth of natural materials. So, when I saw this Twilight Pendant Lamp at a recent craft show, I immediately fell in love with it.  It was made by Fieldstone Artistry, an upstate New York company started In 2016 by husband and wife team, B.R. Delaney & Amy Myers-Delaney.
When I went to their website, I realized that there are multiple variations on the lamp. This design is called the Chiaroscuro.

The company makes a wide variety of pieces using local materials and you can see lots of photos on both their website and Instagram @fieldstonearts.

Regards, Kathy 


Dramatic Modern Lighting Fixtures: Made in the USA

A modern lifestyle calls for modern lighting. A bold lamp or suspended fixture can be the show-stopper in any room. Today, we’d like to introduce you to a company that, like so many other American success stories, started out with two young guys in a garage,

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!Hammerton Studio started small in 1995, selling lighting to the vacation homeowners near their Park City, Utah location.  The company built a following with their unusual practice of using traditional metalworking techniques to create beautiful, modern lighting. Check out some of the dramatic designs below. They are on-sale now at Lumens.
Gem Round Multi-Light Pendant

Tempest Drum Pendant

Skyline Linear Suspension Lighting

More than 150 styles are currently on sale.

Regards, Kathy



Southern Lights Electric: Made in USA

Southern Lights Electric is the combined effort of husband and wife team Adam and Jamie Gatchel out of Nashville Tennessee. Having worked in the lighting industry myself, I can appreciate when someone designs something a little different, particularly with a household item we all tend to take for granted.imageI like the way they combine different woods, classic style filament bulbs, spun aluminum housings and old-school cloth-covered cords. The designers, in my opinion, show a very broad understanding of what lighting can do in your home or business as a decorative item as well as functional lighting.

Here is a small sampling of what is available:h6a2rnbh0r_the_decker_clamp_on_desk_lamp_0_originalThe Decker is a clamp-on desk lamp.

stcxiial3w_the_original_bell_jar_table_lamp_1_originalThe Bell Jar Table Lamp features an Edison-style filament bulb.zxopm5cszn_the_modern_desk_lamp_1_originalThe Modern Desk Lamp features a Baltic birchwood base.1408899180156The Industrial Wall Sconce would look great against an exposed  brick wall.

When you order, please check the terms as many of these items are custom made and are not returnable.



American-Made Modern Decor On-Sale Through July 5

July 4th has come and gone but you can still get Amercan-made bargains on July 5th at 2Modern.com. The on-sale items include:

JohnbeckSteel decor from John Beck Steel & Paper.
Arktura1Incredible modern furnishings from Arktura.Lighting2 Lighting1Lighting from Cerna.FlavorPaperBeautiful wallpapers from Flavor Paper.

imageLighting from LightsUp.


Pendants from Niche Modern… And more!

Regards, Kathy