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This Year, Please Buy “One Gift for America”


This is the fourth year that we have been promoting the “One Gift for America” message; the idea that purchasing at least one Made-in-USA gift this holiday can make a difference in the American economy.

Don’t know where to find American-made products?

1. Browse our site: We’ve written about hundreds of American products.

2. Check out our advertisers (shown along the right side of each page). The links either bring you to the merchant’s “Made in USA” page or tell you how to find the products.

4. Take advantage of our hunt for bargains: see our latest “USA-Made, On-Sale” finds in the left column of every page.

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6. Do your own search. If you Google “Made in USA” or “Made in America” you may find some interesting ideas.

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Paul and Kathy – The Americanologists

Bigger, Better Barbecues: Motorized Skewers That Work With Your Existing Grill: Made in USA

A backyard barbecue with friends and family is one of the great American traditions. If you’re the host, though, you sometimes spend more time than you’d like hunkered over the grill.imageHow would you like to have a set of motorized skewers that sits right on top of your existing grill? The Spinarri Autoskewer does just that.  Relax with a brew while the unit maintains the constant rotation of skewers.imageThe SPINARRI Model 543 can evenly space your choice of 3, 4 or 5 Autoskewers and is made of American-made stainless steel.  Grill 3 Cornish hens, or maybe 4 pork tenderloins, or 5 1/2 feet of kebab.imageA  larger unit called the #975 (it can accommodate 9, 7 or 5 evenly spaced skewers) is also available.

The Spinnarri company began its life in a garage, making rough cut prototypes that were filed by hand. They’ve now graduated to laser cutting prototypes out of premium grade 304 stainless steel. Enjoy their designs at your next barbecue.

Regards, Kathy


A Crate Full of Great: The American Home Gift Crate

The American Home Gift Crate from Goodfight Mercantile  is a wonderful gift for any Made-in-USA fan (or even a non-fan you want to convert to the cause).CrateBeautifully packaged in a Pennsylvania-built hardwood crate, the selection includes 22 products, from both heritage brands and newcomers.


It even includes a booklet that tells the recipient all about each product, where it was made and the story of the company that made it.

What a great gift for newlyweds or housewarmings. As the quote on the web site says, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. – Benjamin Franklin

Regards, Kathy

J. Crew Has American-Made Sweatshirts and Tees!

imageI was tickled to see that there are some good-looking, American-made sweatshirts and tees at J.Crew. Clothing lines change from one season to the next so, for all I know, this may be a brief anomaly. Still, I’m always happy to see a popular national chain add some American-made items to its racks. imageHere’s what J. Crew had to say about the shirts. “They’re made in LA from garment-dyed cotton, which means each one will have a perfectly imperfect color and will softly fade over time, capturing the laid-back lifestyle of their California roots.”imageWhen clothing is labeled as “garment dyed,” that means the item was sewn together first and then dyed, rather than making the item from a bolt of already-dyed fabric. This allows much deeper colors.imageThe shirts are all cotton, another plus. And the sweatshirt has ribbed trim.imageEven the kids can get in on this one!imageHere’s hoping that the items sell well – they are reasonably priced – and the design team gets to keep working on American made garments.

Regards, Kathy