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Behren’s Manufacturing: Everyday Galvanized Steel Items, Made in USA

This morning we learned about a new Made-in-USA manufacturer. I say “new,” meaning “new to us,” since the company has been around since 1911.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!We try to plan ahead on our purchases, because it can take a little time to find Made-in-America items. That often means purchasing online. But today, we needed a metal bucket right away, so we took our chances at a local store. Luckily, we found a galvanized steel bucket made by Behrens Manufacturing, a company that produces the majority of its products in Winona, Minnesota.

In addition to buckets, they make garbage cans, pans, funnels, watering cans and more.And you’ve probably seen their galvanized steel beverage tubs at parties.If you’re looking for the kind of heavy-duty tubs and tanks used to water livestock, there’s a very similarly-named manufacturer called Behlen, located in Nebraska.

Regards, Kathy


Back in the USA: Mini-Bike Maker Finds Success At Home

Last year, Monster Moto, a maker of mini-bikes and go-karts for young riders, returned its factory from China to the USA.  It was a risky move and the exact opposite of what many other manufacturers see as the key to success.Still, the plan seems to be working, having caught the attention of major retailers. According to a recent NY Times article, demand for Monster Moto products has increased significantly and the company hopes to more than double its work force of 40.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!

The company makes items like the mini-bikes and go-karts above. Monster Moto cannot yet use the “Made in USA” label on the products that come out of its new Louisiana facility. It qualifies only for the “Assembled in USA” designation because so many of the parts that make up its products are no longer available in the USA. The company’s CEO, Alex Keechle, told the Times, “There’s just no way to source parts in America right now, but by planting the flag here, we believe suppliers will follow.”


Surprise! Khloe Kardashian’s New Jeans are Made in the USA

GoodAmerican_jeans1When I saw that reality star Khloe Kardashian was launching a clothing line called “Good American,” I was almost gleeful about the blistering post I was going to write about yet another celebrity, not only manufacturing fast fashion overseas, but having the gall to use the word “American” in the name.

But then I headed over to my go-to clothing store, Nordstrom, the official retailer of the brand, to check out the clothing. And this happened.


Yes, it’s true. Khloe’s new jeans are made in the USA; Los Angeles, to be specific. They’re made from imported fabric, but still, this is a very happy turn of events for those of us who want to see more goods manufactured in the United States. GoodAmerican_jeans3As if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, I also learned that the jeans, created in collaboration with designer Emma Glebe, are offered in sizes from 0-24, AND the brand has pledged to “support charities that empower girls to realize their true potential.”

Mind blown.

I’m sure these women could have made a boatload more money sewing the jeans overseas, going the 0-12 route on sizing and keeping all the money instead of donating to charity. So, Khloe and Emma: well done.

Regards, Kathy