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Made in USA Bedding, Part One: Sheets and Pillowcases

When we first began to write about American made products, I wanted to do a post on bedding. I found so few items, though, that I put the idea aside. Not sure if my searching skills have improved or if there has been a real increase in products, but there’s plenty to talk about now.

Today we’ll start with the basics: sheets and pillowcases:AmericanMadeBeddingMy newest discovery is the company Authenticity50. It was started by a husband and wife who believe in the ‘seed to stitch’ approach.  What does that mean? According to the website, “Seed to stitch means that the entire manufacturing process- including the cotton, yarn, fabric, tags, and packaging – is completely, 100%, produced here in the USA.”

Even better, if you buy through our link, you’ll get $15 and so will we. Sweet!Bloomingdales carries the Matouk line of washable linen bedding.MadeinAmericaSheetsYou can get a large selection of sheets and pillow cases on the Sears site, including Veratex 100% cotton sheets, which are made in the USA from Egyptian and other cottons…MadeinUSAsheets1…and beautiful Lenoto linen sheets made in New York from imported linen.MadeinUSAsheet2They also carry Glo organic cotton sheets, which use “locally-sourced” cotton.MadeinUSA_CribSheetsFor kids, there’s the Sheetworld collection, which covers everything from cradle, to bassinet, to crib, to twin size youth bed.MadeinUSA_CribsheeNordstrom carries some very chic, American made crib sheets, but no adult sheets that we could find.AmericansheetsYou’ll find  all-linen sheet sets at the Sundance Catalog site.DreamFitSheetsDreamFit Sheets can be found at the Vermont Country Store. They have deep pockets and wide elastic, plus tabs that slip under the mattress.USAmadeSheetsWalmart carries American-made cotton sheets and sheet sets.