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What’s New and American-Made From Allen Edmonds?

Even though it’s the middle of summer, we just came off a nice cool weekend and that got me thinking about boots. Good quality, rugged, stylish, American-made boots.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!Over the weekend we got an email from Allen Edmonds that introduced two new boots. The first is called the Stirling. Based on a classic Scottish style, it is named for the famous battle fought by William Wallace. The Stirling features a wingtip oxford design with updated perforation, a goodyear welt and a clear rubber sole.The second boot is the Sullivan Street, a very stylish cap-toe boot that features a mix of smooth calf leather with full grain or suede and a Dainite all-weather sole. The thing that I like about the Allen Edmonds boots is that they are re-craftable, because when you drop some serious money on a pair of shoes you want to make sure you can get them repaired so they can last for years. I also like that both of these boots feature durable rubber bottoms because an everyday life can be tough one one’s sole. (Couldn’t resist.)



Lucchese’s Roper Boots on Sale: Made in USA

For a limited time you can purchase a pair of men’s Lucchese Cannon Roper Boots on sale at Huckberry. The company has been around for 130 years and their old-world boot-making is legendary (as are their prices).

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the link above. Please do!The Cannon is a classic Western boot  but with a more standard height heel. The boots are constructed with a premium suede goat leather and a leather sole. The boots are handcrafted in Texas using classic construction methods such as putting lemonwood pegs in the heel instead of nails, because they naturally expand and contract with the leather.I like the round toe – the boot has that Western flair, but it isn’t over the top for a casual New Jersey office, where a high heel and pointed toe can look a little over the top. And they  just look great with a pair of jeans.

The boots come in two colors: black and brown and have a great understated style.



Multiple Men’s Boot Styles, On-Sale Now: Made in USA

Boot sales seem to be popping up everywhere!Multiple boot brands are on sale at Nordstrom.Huckberry has multiple designs of  Thorogood boots on sale. Allen Edmonds has multiple styles at very significant discounts. We can’t create a search showing just boots, so this link will show all sale items. While all the boots are Made in USA, not all the shoes are.Click, then scroll to the bottom to see the Helm boot styles that are now on sale.
woolrichbootusa2These Woolrich Yankee lined boots are currently on sale.
Through January 19 you can get $25 off plus free shipping with code  ENJOY25 on Orvis boots (and anything else).


Want Wool-Lined Boots Made in the USA? Here You Go!

Yesterday morning when I took our dog for a walk, it hit me just how quickly the weather here in NJ has changed. It is cold out there! I mean really cold, 36 degrees to be exact.woolrichbootusa2So, later in the day,  when I saw these Woolrich Yankee lined boots, I figured I owed it to our readers to feature them in a post. I believe that you need to be comfortable no matter what the weather, but you also need to look good and that goes for casual clothing as well as dress clothing. I think these boots handle that balancing act perfectly.dg0corkqnx_yankee-wool_lined_3_originalI love the idea that they are wool-lined for warmth and I would pair them with an American-Made wool sock.  What could be better than toasty-warm feet courtesy of a handmade USA boot, crafted from American Horween leather and lined with wool woven in Pennsylvania?

zsl9samztv_yankee-wool_lined_4_originalThere are some nice little touches on these boots, like the stacked-leather heel and the stitching. The Goodyear Welt construction and Vibram sole mean you are going to be able own these for a very long time, as long as you have a good cobbler to help maintain them.272uyhrjph_yankee-wool_lined_2_originalWe’re always happy to see new products made by Woolrich or using Woolrich wool. It gives us a lift after our depressing visit to the Woolrich Factory store back in 2014. Woolrich Squatch Boots are also  American made.

So wear these well, stay warm and look good.




Hey, Orvis! What’s New? (and Made in America)

The current Labor Day Sale at Orvis gives you $20 off a $100 purchase with code SAVE20. Happy Shopping!

We checked out the Orvis site this week and they have some new merchandise that’s not only really fine-looking, but Made in the USA.PattinsonIIJacket

The Pattinson II JacketBootleggerDuffel

The Bootlegger Small Duffel.DirtySuedeBoot

Dirty Suede Boots.CaptoeOxford

Made in USA Cap-Toe Oxford.OrvisGokeyToteGokey Montana Morning Leather Totes.WisconsinJacketWisconsin Jacket.SantaRosaBootSanta Rosa Western Boots.OrvisCafeHatWestern Cafe Hat.SuedeOutBootsGokey Suede-Out Chukka BootGokeyWedgeBootGokey Bison Leather Wedge OxfordGokeyMocassinGokey® Lug-Sole Camp Moccasin.

Regards, Kathy