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Guy Stuff: Last Day to Get Huckberry’s Made-in-USA Gifts by Christmas

Be sure to check out the Made-in-USA page at Huckberry, because today is your last chance to order for guaranteed Christmas delivery. I like this online men’s shop because they have so many things I’d love to own, from clothing and accessories to home goods and travel items.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!iklppeu0co_steel_firepit-large_6_originalThe 3/4″ steel Fire Pit from Stahl adds a bit of artistry to the act of hanging out with friends and staying warm. bge6w4bfle_6_service_boot_2_originalThere’s a large boot selection too.
izgftzu4ib_travel_kit_2_originalThe Travel Kit above is from General Knot and features a subtle pattern on the water resistant canvas.

The above is just a sample of what Huckberry has to offer in American made goods. Once you’re on the site, you’ll see that Made-in-USA items have an American flag designating country of origin, so check it out.



New Wool Top Coat for Men: Made in USA

As much as we love rugged canvas coats and leather bomber jackets, they don’t quite cut it if you’re heading to a high-level business meeting. That’s when a classic top coat comes in handy.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!The newest Sewn-in-America offering we’ve seen is the Hickey Freeman Classic Fit Wool & Cashmere Top Coat. Made from imported 95% wool, 5% cashmere, it features hidden front-buttons, and one-button cuffs.

Hickey Freeman is a true American heritage brand. It was named for Jeremiah Hickey and Jake Freeman, who founded the company in 1899.

Regards, Kathy

Stylish Belts from Recycled Bike Tires and Parts: Made in USA

Matt Myer is a St. Paul, Minnesota cyclist who was “tired of his pants falling down while he biked around the city and even more tired of the boring old belts in his drawer.” Next thing you know, he and his wife Jill have a business making surprisingly cool-looking belts from recycled bike tires and bike parts.belt1I especially like the white belts, which resemble snakeskin.belts2There are multiple designs, and each belt has a unique pattern based on the wear and tear on the bike tire. One size fits waists from 31-37 inches.belt3The Hybrid Belt, with a chain link buckle, comes in three sizes. All belts are hand crafted.

Regards, Kathy

25+ Hoodies for Men and Women: Made in USA

MadeinUSA_Hoodie5One of the best known hoodies is the 10 Year Hoodie from Flint and Tinder. So far, it comes only in men’s sizes.

giantIt’s been called the “Greatest Hoodie Ever Made” and you can get 15% off by buying the American Giant Hoodie through our link.MadeinUSA_HoodiesMadeinAmerica_hoodieNordstrom carries various hoodie styles for men, women and children, including Helmut Lang (sewn in New York – a surprise!), James Perce, Michael Lauren and UNCL.Ninox hoodies are Made in America from cotton that is grown in Texas and milled in North Carolina.MadeinUSA_Hoodie6New York Times Hoodies are available in adult and child sizeshoodie_01_madeinusaBlade + Blue makes men’s fleece hoodies in a 65/35 polyester/cotton blend.
madeinusa_03_hoodieThe Iron and Resin hoodie is a cotton/rayon and polyester terry fabric. As of this writing, Huckberry has some Iron and Resin hoodies on-sale, but sizes are limited.madeinusa_07_hoodieHoodies from Zappos include a variety of brands for women and men, like Kate Spade New York, L.A.Made and Allen Allen. Double-check the country of origin because many inaccuracies come up in this search. Also, there’s no way to separate hoodies from sweatshirts.MadeinAmerica_Hoodie2On Amazon we found hoodies by Gadsden and Culpepper.madeinusa_10_hoodieAnd these 100% cotton Enkalda hoodies.hoodie_sundanceSundance carries this multiple hoodies for women.MadeinAmeria_HoodieGoodwear carries only American-made clothing, including this hoodie for menTaylorStitchTaylor Stitch offers a beach hoodie.
madeinusa_09_hoodieAt Saks: Splendid Mills men’s hoodies.madeinusa_08_hoodieYou can even get a USA made, flameproof hoodie from the Working Person’s Store!

Regards, Kathy