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Fieldstone Artistry: Contemporary Lighting and Furniture Made in America

I have a special place in my heart for furniture and lighting that combines modern design with the warmth of natural materials. So, when I saw this Twilight Pendant Lamp at a recent craft show, I immediately fell in love with it.  It was made by Fieldstone Artistry, an upstate New York company started In 2016 by husband and wife team, B.R. Delaney & Amy Myers-Delaney.
When I went to their website, I realized that there are multiple variations on the lamp. This design is called the Chiaroscuro.

The company makes a wide variety of pieces using local materials and you can see lots of photos on both their website and Instagram @fieldstonearts.

Regards, Kathy 


The Quietly Subversive Quentin Chair: Made in USA

Quentinchair4When you see Anthropologie’s Quentin Chair in one of its neutral color combinations, it’s a perfectly polite and subdued example of modern seating, whether in velvet or linen.QuentinChair1But move a little further through the design choices and the Quentin starts to let its freak flag fly. The pea-green model above would work in a quirky man cave, an upscale teen hangout or an ad exec’s office…

QuentinChairUSA1…and the bright pink might appeal to the confident girlie entrepreneur.

AuklandChairUSAThings get really crazy when you get to the sheepskin model! It’s amazing the way that color and materials can change the look of a chair.

See all of the Made in USA seating at Anthropologie.

Regards, Kathy




Have you seen the “STACT Wine Wall?” Made-in-USA

I’m loving the STACT  Wine Wall, which lets you display your favorite wine bottles, suspended in the air,  in a thoroughly modern and minimalist way. And it’s on sale through July 12.StactWineWallOf course, this isn’t the right choice for every bottle; some of those treasures should stay in their dark, temperature-controlled spaces. But, for wine you would normally keep in your living space, this is a very appealing way to store and display.

WineWallThe system is modular and available in multiple colors  and finishes.

StactWineWall4Installations can be large, like this full-wall design…StactWineWall2Or small, like the one created for a read-and-sip space.

STACT was designed by award-winner Eric Pfeiffer using aircraft-grade aluminum. Mounting Hardware is included. Use it to create a unique artistic statement that’s all about you. More here.

Regards, Kathy