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Killing Manly Odors with American Made Products

I know that when I come in from a long bike ride or an afternoon doing yard work, I am not at my most…let’s say “fragrant.” A quick shower and a load of laundry tackles most of the problem, but there is that occasional lingering odor that needs to be dealt with. Typically, I will use a candle, but I also like this spray from Sydney and Hale which can clear the air, so to speak, for my loved ones.

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The Room Spray is made from organic sugar cane alcohol. With a range of manly scents (Wood Smoke and Amber; Bourbon and Brown Sugar; Eucalyptus and Sage), you can feel pretty comfortable giving your closet, man cave or bathroom a spritz without it smelling sickly sweet.
If you think your space needs something a little more long-lasting, you can try one of their soy-based candles. They feature two wicks and an estimated 50 hours of burn time.



5 ‘Guy Gifts’ From an Unexpected Pop-up Shop: Made-in-USA

I always pictured a pop-up shop as a temporary selling outpost set-up in an empty storefront in a hipster neighborhood. I didn’t expect to find one online – much less at Nordstrom. So I was surprised to learn that the company is curating a series of month-long product offerings not available in most stores.

Their product choices this month are overwhelmingly foreign-made, but we found a few American-made gems that guys will enjoy. All are available through April 17.imageThis ceramic flask from Misc. Goods is a real looker, with a smooth black surface complemented by leather and gold-toned accents.

imageWant your place to smell manly, but not in the sweaty-shirt-and-ripe-sneakers kind of way? This woodsy scent from Sandoval combines essential oils of cedar wood, oak moss, sandalwood, and vetiver.

PlayingCards_MadeinUSAThis handsome deck of playing cards, newly designed and printed on high quality card stock, can be purchased with or without a wooden carrying case. NobleTonic

There’s vinegar and then there’s Noble Tonic Vinegar, made with maple, bourbon and a hint of sherry-infused oak.


Want to try a practice that dates back to the 17th century? Sip on one of Strongwater’s fruit-and-herb-infused “shrub” concoctions as a daily tonic or add it to your drink for extra flavor. You can also use them to marinate food or dribble over your salad. Try Persimmon & Lavender, Cherry & Thyme or Ginger & Pear.