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Makers of the Famed “Floyd Leg” Expand Product Line

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!With the popularity of tiny houses and small-space living, an invention that allows you to make a table disappear was sure to be a hit. That’s what the folks from Floyd accomplished several years ago with the introduction of the Floyd Leg.
We bought a set of coffee table height legs at the time, rounded up some teakwood from a crumbling bench and Voila! A lovely modern piece.   Depending on the top you use, you can stow it away, use it as a piece of wall art, etc., so it allows your creative side to shine through.
So what’s new from Floyd?  Well, check out the Floyd Platform Bed. It’s a similar concept to the table, but results in a minimalist sleeping environment.The new Floyd Coat Rack is capable of holding up to 25 lbs of stuff. Use your imagination – this is a utility piece and you can hang a lamp on it if you are so inclined.We’ve also purchased the taller table legs and stored them away until our planned down-sizing. We love the fact that the items are made in America, are minimalist and super functional.