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Spring comes to Brooks Brothers with New American-Made Ties

Spring neckwear is hitting the stores,with lots of attractive new colors and patterns.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!Today we’re visiting the tie department at Brooks Brothers. On the page we’ve linked, the ties are listed with newest first and you can see there are lots of spring-inspired patterns and colors. Below are a few photos of what you’ll find.

Wits + Beaux: Back in the USA

Here’s a story we can really get behind: a start-up apparel company that goes the usual manufacture-in-China route at first, but then brings all its manufacturing back to the USA.

According to its website, Wits + Beaux was founded after its owners conducted a frustrating search for “well made socks with expressive patterns, at a reasonable price.” They decided they “wanted to be the ones to make the perfect pair of socks.”

Even the name has an interesting origin. Apparently, the poets, orators, and politicians of Regency-Era England were known as “Wits.” The fashionable gentlemen were the “Beaux.”

Their collection includes socks, “beaux” ties in both big guy and little guy sizes, and pocket squares. Take a look.

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20 American-Made Necktie Brands: Tie One On!

This post was updated on November 9, 2017.  
We’ve rounded-up twenty Made-in-USA tie brands, from traditional to wildly creative. Take your pick!
Disclosure: If you buy through our links, we may get a small commission. Please do!

Ted BakerHillsideTies by The HillsideklVineyard Vines ties

Feather Ties from Brackish & Bell

beautiesBeau-Ties of Vermont has both neckties and bowtiesMountain and Sackett

HighCottonHigh Cotton TiesDonahueDavid Donahue TiesNeckties by General Knot

Gitman Tiescyberoptix Cyberoptix Ties are some of the most creative around; made from vintage graphics.FoxBrie_tiesFox & Brie Ties.David Hart Ties

hanauerR. Hanauer TiesolchAlexander Olch Ties

Ties from Blade and Blue

Hawaiian Style Ties from Hawaiian ClothingToddTodd Snyder usually has a few ties among his American-made goods.

Psycho Bunny Ties