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It’s Fall: Check-Out Duckworth’s Merino Wool Garments

duckworth_wool3Over the last few years we have really come to appreciate the comfort of wool and especially merino wool. Gone are the days when a wool garment meant an uncomfortable scratchy feel against your body. Today’s soft, high quality, lightweight wool fibers can be used in base layers, single-layers and even all-weather garments. Yes, you can wear wool all year!duckworth_woolThat’s the message put out by Duckworth, a source-verified wool company based in Montana, which uses 100% Helle Rambouillet merino wool. The company claims that the elevation and natural conditions where the sheep are raised helps create a very unique wool fiber.duckworth_wool2Duckworth garments are 100% Made in USA. The sheep are from Montana and the wool is shipped to the Carolinas for spinning, knitting and sewing.

To support the Americanologists, you can buy Duckworth garments through  Backcountry  or Huckberry (we get a small commission from the sale). You can also buy direct from the company.



100+ Beautiful Belts for Men and Women: Made in USA

Last Updated October 3, 2016

Everyone can hold up their pants in style with an American-made belt.Upton makes some very modern and stylish belts – and they make them in the USA.OrvisBelts Orvis has been a popular USA manufacturer for over 150 years. The men’s belts you’ll find at Orvis range from businessman to Prepster to country sportsman. orvis_womensbeltsThe company also offers several belt styles for women. The Reversible Go-to Belt (top right) is one of its most-loved designs.JohnstonMurphyBeltsJohnston and Murphy makes men’s belts for every occasion and they make these in the USA. allenedmondsbelts Allen Edmonds offers a line of 60 belts, the majority of which are American-made. Unfortunately, there is no way to separate them by search. Browse for styles you like, then click on the individual belt, where the country of manufacture is clearly marked. nordstrom_beltsBelts at Nordstrom range from chic to showy. They have women’s belts, like the Tory Burch Reversible Belt (top) and men’s styles, like the pebbled-leather belt from Nordstrom’s own brand. zapposbeltsZappos Want to see a wide variety of USA brands and styles?  Try Zappos. Just click at the left to separate men’s and women’s. Be advised that the later results in the search are less likely to be accurate as far as Made in USA.foxcreekbeltFox Creek Leather carries an interesting design for men where even the conchos are Made in the USA. brooksbrosbelts Brooks Brothers carries a few American-made belts for men, including the Kiel James Patrick brand and Cordovan styles. belts. orionleatherbeltsOrion Leather makes a wide variety of American belts for men and women.toddsnyderbeltsTodd Snyder makes belts for men in the USA. FilsonBeltsFilson belts tend to be utilitarian; the perfect on-the-job belt.  beelt1 Shinola’s belt selection for men is still small, but it’s stylish.

W.Kleinberg makes a variety of high end, custom-made belts.
belts2Matt and Jill Myer make surprisingly cool-looking belts from recycled bike tires and bike parts.


Handmade luxury belts are the specialty of John Allen Woodward


Regards, Kathy