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Women’s Dress Coats On Sale at Nordstrom

Just in time for the cool weather comes a coat sale for lovers of high quality, American-made outerwear.

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The coat-maker Fleurette was founded in 1949 and is known for its high-quality, tailored styles. All Fleurette coats are designed and manufactured in New York City.As they say on the company website, Fleurette “harkens back to the time when quality was the norm, when output was measured in hundreds, not thousands. Manufactured in a large modern facility, our coats pass through the hands of as many as seventy people before leaving the factory floor. At Fleurette, each coat is still finished by hand …one at a time.”

Regards, Kathy

Comfy Sweats Disguised as Dresses: Made in USA

betsycookWe recently heard from Betsy Cook, designer and owner of the indie clothing brand, National Picnic. She wanted to let us know about the Kickstarter campaign for her best-selling item: a dress that wears like a comfy pair of sweats.dressShe’s calling the project the American-Made Dress Project, because she wants to keep the garment as American as possible. The organic cotton in the cotton/poly sweatshirt fabric comes from Texas, the fabric is from a mill in North Carolina and a Pennsylvania contractor is being looked at to do the sewing.

sweatshirtdress2“Keeping the dress as American-made as possible keeps my customers happy,” Cook says. “Fans of my brand care about where their clothing comes from and how it is made, so my business’s growth should be growth they can feel good about…Besides all that, it’s a ridiculously comfortable dress that many women already love wearing.”

To see Betsy’s existing collection, go to National Picnic.

Regards, Kathy